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Welcome to Aqua Class.

We are a class of 5  ASC children being supported this year by Michele,Dawn and Ann.


Spring Term 1


In Aqua class this term our Literacy focus is ALTERNATIVE FAIRY STORIES. We are enjoying a sensory story called The Stinky Cheese Man, which is based on the traditional fairy story The Gingerbread Man. During our sensory story we are exploring different props using a multi sensory approach and incorporating different aspects of the curriculum. We are using cause and effect to make the props work by pressing, squeezing and turning the prop on and off. We are using our senses to taste and smell stinky cheese, Some of us really enjoy the taste while others smelt the cheese and instantly threw it away!



This term we are focussing on addition and subtraction through songs and rhymes as well as some children using their knowledge and understanding to apply their mathematical understanding and  writing number sentences. We complete different maths activities during our TEACCH and morning starter work such as one to one correspondence, shape,space and measure and counting to find the totals. We have been learning about money through practical games and activities and this involves turn taking and waiting our turn as well as coin exchange to replicate buying an object. We have learned about  positional language and most of us are able to apply this skill to everyday activities in the classroom such as:- in,on,under,next to,behind.


We have really developed our consentration skills during these sessions which has helped us during all activities in the class. We really enjoy finding out what is in the bucket and we are now able to take turns to have a go at the activities. Our favourite part is the activity that comes after bucket. We have been counting and splatting and now we are learning about the effects weather have on our foam flowers.


Every Monday afternoon we have a TAC PAC session. This enhances our communication through touch and music. It is a very relaxed session and is the perfect way to end the first day back at school.


This term in literacy we are focussing on an author study. We are focussing on the author Julia Donaldson and our sensory story is A Squash and a Squeeze.


We are using our symbols to communicate and some of us are building symbol sentences to request. We continue to work hard to develop our speech.


We are working on our love of numbers by recognising amounts,matching numerals,finding the corresponding numeral and counting. We are also learning about shapes.

Autumn Term 2

We have started the term with another one of Julia Donaldsons books The Stickman.

We have just spent a week focussing on the theme The Magic paintbrush. We have had a focus artist Paul Klee and learned about where he lived, the type of artist he was and have enjoyed copying his style of art.