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Attention Autism

Autumn 1 2019

Attention autism is a teaching approach designed to develop shared attention and communication skills through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities. In Lime class it is called the suitcase as all of the toys are kept in a spotty suitcase.

There are 4 stages:

Stage 1 - attention gainer - Focus is on exciting objects/toys that are demonstrated by the leader  

Stage 2 - attention builder - Process based activity that is fun to watch 

Stage 3 - attention shifting - turn taking activity that is fun to watch and fun to take part in 

Stage 4 - Independent work 


The children in Lime class are currently working towards stage 3 and they have made so much progress. They all respond really well to the approach and have shown that they can sit and focus for extended periods during this activity.  

Attention Autism Photos Autumn 1 2019