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Sensory Cookery Spring Term 2 2020

This term we really enjoyed making gingerbread men biscuits and we were all able to use the tools such as the rolling pin and the spoon to make the dough. We were also able to follow instructions to add more flour or water. We also enjoyed a treat on the last day when we made our own ice creams, yum, yum!

Sensory Cookery Spring Term 2020 

Cookery is always a popular lesson in Lime class! So far this term we have made bear toast when we learnt about Goldilocks, this involved using the toaster, spreading the chocolate and chopping the fruit to make the bears face. We also made our own porridge just like in the story, mixing the oats and milk and choosing our own toppings. 


During Chinese New Year we loved having a Chinese banquet which involved us exploring Chinese food such as noodles, rice, prawn crackers and sweet chilli sauce. Some of us even smelt and tasted the new food! We also learnt how to roll up different vegetables to make a spring roll. 


When we were learning about the 3 little pigs story we also made a piggy bagel using pink cream cheese and fruit. We also explored using the blender to make a super healthy green smoothie. 

Autumn 2 Cookery 

The children loved making chocolate apples during Bonfire night week. They worked independently to make choices and to cover their apples in chocolate and tasty toppings. We also made some gingerbread biscuits as part of our Christmas topic. 

Autumn 1 Cookery 

Lime Class have been busy developing our cookery skills through a range of multi sensory learning experiences. We started the year learning about ourselves and we enjoyed making a funny face rice cake using different fruit and vegetables. We also contributed to the Macmillan cake sale by producing some yummy fruity flapjacks. Each child did a different step of the recipe so that it was a joint effort. Finally, during Halloween week we made spooky ghosty bananas. The children have been working on making choices when working with different materials and using tools in a functional way.