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Copper Class

Welcome to Copper Class! We are a class of 9 pupils. Catherine Teaches Copper Class Monday to Wednesday morning and Attracta teachers Copper Class Wednesday Afternoon to Friday. Amy and James are with Copper Class all week!


This year Copper Class will be focusing mostly on Speech and Language and Communication. We will be learning through lots of different forms of fun interaction. 


For the Autumn Term Copper Class are learning about "People who help us".

For the Spring Term the theme for  Copper Class is "Traditional Tales". Copper Class are participating in lots of role play anticipating the next word, sound or action in the story. 

In Science we are learning about materials and their properties.

In Maths: Space, Shape and Measure, Copper Class are learning how to use 2D shapes Copper Class are also  learning about capacity. 

in ICT Copper Class are learning how to take photos, observing how to copy, paste and print photos of themselves.