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Creative Activities

We have enjoyed using our creative skills this term to create artwork based around different food. We used bubble wrap and paint to create prints of the food that features in the 'Hungry Caterpillar' story. We also had fun using food colouring to make designs on bread. We also used puffy paint to create delicious ice cream pictures. Our art sessions are process based so the focus is always on the process of the activity and not the end product. The children are developing their engagement levels during adult led activities during these sessions whilst enjoying new sensory experiences. Check out the gallery section of the website to see some of our masterpieces. 

Autumn 2 2017


This term we have been enjoying our music session, which involves singing, social interaction games, movement songs and child led instrument play. We also focus on a different genre of music each week. So far we have enjoyed Bollywood music and classical music. The children are responding really well to this session and seem to be enjoying listening to different styles of music. 


Our art sessions will also be linked to our topic of Celebrations and we have made Halloween pumpkin faces, bonfire pictures using chalk and glitter and Rangoli patterns linked to the festival of Diwali. 

Autumn 1 2017


Our creative activities so far this term have included us making some beautiful pieces of art linked to the seaside such as handprint crabs, glittery fish and making footprints in sand on a beach scene.

In music we have been exploring seaside related songs such as 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside', 'The big ship sails' and 'A sailor went to sea' whilst exploring making sounds with different instruments such as bells, drums and shakers.

Our tacpac/body awareness session takes place in the sensory room and is focused on developing our awareness of our bodies. Each song relates to  a different body part and a different action such as Shoulder (song, Adele - Cold Shoulder, action - adults give the child a shoulder rub. The children are really starting to respond to this session and to show their preferences.

We also enjoy a weekly sensory rhyme time session in our sensory room which is an assault on the senses! There is a different sensory experience that relates to each song such as using the parachute with the song 'Colours of the Rainbow', blowing bubbles with the song 'Forever blowing bubbles' and feeling a vibrating object during the song 'Good Vibrations'. We have lots of fun during this session!!!