Park School


Elleray Park delivers a similar curriculum to that followed by mainstream pupils.  We base our own curriculum around the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and End of Key Stage aims in the New National Curriculum dependant upon the age and stage of the child. The curriculum is supplemented by a range of other activities and is delivered in a thematic way.
Thematic Approach to the Curriculum

This is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the curriculum are connected together and integrated within a theme. It allows learning to be more natural and less fragmented.  This allows our pupils to see the link between their learning and ensures that literacy and numeracy skills are fully integrated and reinforced throughout the school day.

The themes that are chosen are selected because they will captivate the pupils’ imagination and encourage them to engage with learning.  The themes are brought to life by the staff and offer the pupils a hands on approach to new learning. They allow literacy to grow progressively, with vocabulary linked and with spelling and sentence writing being frequently, yet smoothly, reinforced.  Numeracy skills are reinforced in appropriate contexts.
Some children with more severe and complex needs will have some adaptations made to their curriculum to ensure it matches their needs and provides particular experiences. These pupils use the Routes for Learning curriculum, which reinforces learning across many different contexts.


Our approach to delivering the key elements of the Curriculum allows us to tailor our lessons to suit the individual and complex needs of all of our pupils in school.
The school has high expectations of all pupils and achieves success by ensuring that:

  • The curriculum is highly structured and each area of learning reinforces knowledge and understanding in literacy and numeracy
  • All lessons are carefully planned and build upon prior knowledge and understanding.
  • All pupils with a diagnosis of autism have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) relating to their main areas of need.
  • Pupils are grouped according to need and age. This ensures that those pupils with the greatest need can be taught in small groups with a high level of staffing (3 staff with 5 pupils). The more able pupils are taught in a class of 7 -11 children with 3/4 members of staff.
  • There is a great emphasis on employing strategies that will enable pupils to learn effectively.  These strategies are particularly important for those pupils on the Autistic Spectrum.  The school uses elements of TEACCH for those pupils that benefit.
  • Alternative communication systems are used to support curriculum access and learning for some children. These include the use of some electronic aids, Makaton Signing and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • The outdoor environment and play are used as vehicles for reinforcing learning.


If you would like any further information about our curriculum or any of the approaches that we use please feel free to contact us either by telephone or through a question in your child's Home School Diary.

Physical Activity 

The development of the pupils’ physical skills and abilities is given a high status within the school.  As part of the PE programme pupils are given as comprehensive a range of sporting and physical experiences as possible. Through taking part in sporting activities, the school also aims to encourage and support the development of pupils’ personal, social and emotional skills (especially self-control, self-confidence and self-esteem).

Phonics and Reading

At Elleray Park we follow The Letters and Sounds Phonic Programme to support the teaching of reading.  We encourage both the skills required for reading as well as an interest in reading itself through the use of a number of the  Bug Club Reading scheme and other books and forms of print that are moivating and engaging for the children. More information can be found relating to this at the bottom of the page.
Mainstream Links

The school has developed close links with a number of local mainstream primary schools.  Pupils at Elleray Park, who are ready to do so, are given opportunities to follow aspects of the curriculum alongside their mainstream peers.  
Where appropriate, pupils are enabled to return to mainstream schools and if this is deemed appropriate, they will have a carefully planned and supported transition.  On-going support for the pupil and the pupil's mainstream school are also planned and delivered in ways that are felt to be most appropriate to the needs of the pupil.