Park School

Geography and History KUTW

Geography - Around the World in 80 Days. 

We have explored Scotland's location, art, traditions and literature. 

We tasted Scottish foods, dressed in tartan, took part in a Highland Game and attended a school Ceilidh.

Next we learned about China. We read 'The Cat from Hunger Mountain' in literacy, compared landmarks in geography and really enjoyed tasting and making fortune cookies!

During our Spanish themed week we read Picasso's Pants, crated Picasso inspired portraits and attended a flamenco dance feast in the hall!

Whilst learning about Brazil we completed a research project which allowed us to consolidate our map skills, locational knowledge and understanding of geographical features. 

History - Ancient Egypt

Our Autumn term topic was 'Magic' in history we learned about the very first magician who lived in the Ancient Egyptian times. Over the course of the term we learned about Ancient Egyptian traditions, culture and their way of life. In particular we enjoyed learning about mummification. We put our knowledge of the process into action by following instructions to mummify an orange.