Park School

Home Learning

Welcome Parents to the Home Learning Page for Copper Class.

A lot of what is being shown on this page mirrors all the information being communicated on our stories page on the Dojo Communicate App. 

Pancakes Pancakes by Eric Carle. We are reading this story in preparation for Pancake Tuesday.



Can you create purposeful marks, such as lines, zig zags, tracing and overwriting? 

Can you trace over words from "The very busy Spider".

Can you copy some of the words from the story? 

Can you thread the wool around the spider? 

Can you fill in the missing words from the story? 

Can you act out the story using the character cards? 

Can you find what animal is going to come next in the story? 

Can you fill in 'The very busy spider' tile sheets?

Can you match the animal to the word, using the word mat? 



Target: Matching Numbers

Can you match numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5?

Can you match these numbers to their corresponding amounts?

Can you put these numbers in sequence?


Target: recognise 2D shapes 

Can you make the shapes with the string? 

Can you fill in the shapes using mud, water and grass? 

Topic: Farm Animals and their Homes


Can you find the farm animal homes? 

Literacy : Communication and Language: Speaking


Can you name these animals? Can you match them to the story

"The very busy spider"? (check out the story on youtube)

Can you make the sounds the animals make? 

Food Technology 


Can you make Spider web, biscuits with icing? 

Can you make spider sandwiches, carefully adding eight legs?



Can you use paint to make animal, pattern handprints? 

Can you make a spider using a potato masher? 


In Science we have been looking at animals and their habitats. 


Can you play match the animal to the habitat game?