Park School

Home Learning

Home learning packs and resources:


 Since September 2020 there have been some pupils that have not been able to come to school because of Covid-19. Where possible they have been included with a wide range of resources. 


These include;

- Home packs sent home once a half term which physical items such as light toys, fake snow, art and craft resources and props to use in sensory stories. 


- Videos to go along with these activities such as sensory stories the class teacher has filmed, Makaton of the day, colours of the day and tutorials on how to do activities with children at home such as mark making and Attention Autism tutorials. 


 More recently since January a higher volume of pupils are now unable to attend school as only key worker or vulnerable pupils can attend. Home learning packs have been sent home and videos posted on Class Dojo which all parents in Yellow class have access to and can share videos with their children through. 


 The class teacher is keen to see pictures of children having fun and doing activities at home such as the MATP program which is done every Friday and any pictures of their art work. This helps keep a strong relationship between home and school and aims to make everyone feel connected. 

January Home Learning Pack: 1950's theme

October Home Learning packs: Winter theme