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Literacy & Communication

Literacy and Communication Spring Term 2 2020


The children have continued to work hard on their communication skills and they have all made progress particularly when using PECS symbols. Some of the children have been learning how to use PECS sentences to make requests during play activities. 


Fine Motor

During our gingerbread man topic we enjoyed using our hands to explore kinetic sand and pushing it into gingerbread man moulds to make the shape.We also added buttons and ribbon. During science week we also used our hands to squeeze the toothpaste tube and had a go of brushing our own teeth. We also enjoyed finding and connecting plastic eggs together during our Easter week. 


Mark Making 

We really enjoyed mark making in gingerbread spices and using pens to draw lines for the gingerbread man to follow. We also painted potato stampers to make Easter egg prints. 

Literacy and Communication Spring 1 2020


Lime class have continued to work hard on their communication skills this term and we get plenty of practice to use PECS symbols during every activity that we do. Lots of the children have been working on their picture discrimination using single symbols and some children have progressed onto constructing their own name-verb-noun sentence to make requests. All of the children are well on their way to becoming independent communicators. 


Our topic this term is traditional tales so all of our fine motor activities have been based around our focus story to help bring the story to life for the children. During our fortnight of Goldilocks we explored a porridge oats sensory tray, using tools to fill and pour. We also made a bear mosiac using coffee beans. During Chinese New Year we used tweezers to transfer noodles and we made a playdough Chinese dragon. When learning about the 3 little pigs we picked up and stuck on small materials to make our houses and we made playdough houses using straw, sticks and bricks. 


We have also enjoyed mark making activities such as using a paintbrush in a porridge oats tray, making a bear picture with brown paint, using Chinese coloured to make a Chinese letter picture, using authentic Chinese chop stampers to make symbol prints and using the building materials of the 3 little pigs (straw, sticks and bricks) to make marks in paint. 

Literacy and Communication Autumn 2 2019

Lime class have been busy this term building on the fine motor and mark making skills that we started to work on last term. We enjoyed firework activities during bonfire night week, making marks in glitter and spinning tops in paint to make fireworks. We have also enjoyed using natural Autumn materials such as conkers, twigs and pine cones during mark making and fine motor activities. Finally, we explored Christmas by posting pom poms into a Christmas bauble and using lego blocks in paint to decorate a Christmas tree. 

Literacy and Communication Autumn 1 2019

Lime class have been working hard on developing their literacy and communication skills this term. All of the children have individualised communication targets that are integrated into all learning activities throughout the day. This may include choosing their own photograph during our hello routine, forming a PECS sentence to ask for something at snack or using their voice to ask for more during a play activity. 

We also enjoy a weekly fine motor activity that is designed to encourage different movements and actions using our hands and fingers. We have enjoyed using playdough to make Mr Potato head people and to stick wheat stalks into. We have made shaker musical instruments using small pieces of corn and we have explore picking up and transferring corn and lentils and rice. We also made a pumpkin picture during Halloween week using dried pumpkin seeds. We also do a weekly mark making activity that is designed to encourage independent mark making. We have used wheat stalks to paint, edible paint using fruits, a carrot dipped in paint and we made a ;pumpkin squeezy bag using paint and a ziplock bag. 

Lime Class have enjoyed their literacy and communication activities during health and well being week. There has been a focus on self care which involved the children using their fine motor skills to squeeze tubes of toothpaste and make marks using a toothbrush. The children also enjoyed sensory play with citrus fruits and then making marks with the fruit by dipping them in paint. 

Literacy and Communication Photographs September 2019