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Magic Paintbrush

Lime class enjoyed joining in with the whole school theme week 'The Magic Paintbrush'. The week started in the hall with our artist being revealed to us by a mystery artist! Our artist was 'Kadinsky'. We explored his work in a number of different ways. We recreated one of his most famous circle paintings using different sized circle objects dipped in paint. We also experimented with making circles through spin art using a spinning plate and a salad spinner. We also enjoyed a sensory story with a focus on his most famous paintings which we added our own marks to  whilst listening to classical music. We also explored his use of shape, space and colour using 2d shapes, the light panel and different coloured cellophane lenses. The artist theme was also explored during our class trip to the Walker art gallery. All of the children engaged with the artists work at their own level and lots of fun was had by all.