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Maths Spring Term 1 2020

The children have continued to build upon the mathematical skills that they started to develop last term and have been completing a range of different activities at the workstation. All of the children are beginning to develop a level of independence when completing workstation tasks. 

Autumn 1 Maths 

The children in Lime class learn about mathematical knowledge and concepts through a structured TEACCH approach. Each child completes 2 workstation tasks per week that are designed to develop their skills in early numeracy and shape, space and measure. All children have individualised targets within each area. The activities are completed at the workstation and the aim is that the children learn to do a simple maths activity with as little adult input or support as possible. All of the children are doing really well with this part of the curriculum and they are getting to know the routine of the tasks really quickly. 

Lime class also enjoy a weekly group number rhyme session which is always lots of fun and involves different props that we use whilst we count down during the rhyme such as 5 cheeky monkeys on a parachute. The sessions are interactive as the children must remove a prop and a numeral as we count down and they are all becoming really good at this.