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Music Spring Term 1 2020


This half term we have enjoyed a sensory rhyme time session in the light room which matches sensory experiences to the song we are listening to. We float a parachute up and down to the song 'Colours of the Rainbow'. We all blow and try to pop bubbles to 'I'm forever blowing bubbles'. We enjoy some deep pressure squeezes to 'Under pressure'. We all get wet with water sprays whilst 'Singin in the rain' and we all love having a dance to 'Shut up and dance'. There is a tasty chocolate treat for everyone during 'Pure Imagination' and finally we all lie down and chill during 'Chasing cars'. 

Music Autumn 1 2019 

All of the children in Lime class respond really well to music and we always have great fun during our sensory rhyme time sessions in the light room. This is a weekly session that consists of a different sensory action linked to each different song. For our Autumn topic we feel and drop Autumn leaves from a height along to the song 'Autumn Leaves'. We also wear our scarecrow hats for the song 'Dingle, dangle scarecrow'. We also enjoy feeling the rain from the water bottles during the song 'Raindrops keep falling on my head' song. All of the children are joining in and starting to respond to all of the actions.