Park School


Welcome to the Orange Class!


We are a fun-loving, friendly and hard-working class of 10 children and 3 adults (Lucy, Suzy and Erin) who love learning through hands-on experiences, exciting topics and exploring the world around us.




Our first week in Orange class

Autumn 1


This half term we are learning all about the colours of the rainbow! Our story each week follows a little grey alien who discovers planet Earth. Each week he learns about a new colour and we learn about it too! We loved trying blueberries during our blue week and had lots of fun playing with freshly cut grass during our green week! 

Autumn 2


This half term we are discovering celebrations and festivals that happen around the world! Every week so far we have immersed ourselves in the customs, food, art and music of a different celebration and have also learnt about a range of world religions. We loved making coconut ladoos to celebrate the Hindu festival Diwali and decorated some fantastic skull candies out of 2D shapes to celebrate the Mexican festival Day of the Dead. It has been fun learning about different cultures and linking what we have learnt to some important values- friendship, family, sharing and showing kindness to others.