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Physical Development

Physical Development Spring 2 2020


This half term we really enjoyed our judo session with Chris the Judo teacher. We all enjoyed the physical aspect of the sport and he taught us some moves to ensure we were able to move our bodies to get out of the holds. We also enjoyed trying the moves out on our peers. We also continued to use the PE climbing equipment and we have all got so much more confident with using our bodies to travel across the equipment in different ways. 

Physical Development Spring 1 2020 

This term Lime class have enjoyed our weekly soft play session during which we love to run, climb, jump, roll and balance within the safety of the soft climbing equipment. 


We also enjoy a weekly hall session during which we focus on using the climbing and PE equipment and learning to balance and travel in different ways. 


This term we have also been lucky enough to have a capoeira session which is an Afro Brazilian art form that combines music, martial arts, dance and play. For our children this has been a sensory exploration of Brazilian music and instruments whilst exploring movement in different ways and interactive play using equipment such as balls and hoops. The children have responded really well to this session. 

Physical Development Autumn 2

Lime class just love to get active! This term we have all really enjoyed our rebound therapy sessions and all of the children have become so much more confident on the trampolines. We have also continued to practice using the PE equipment every week in the hall. 

Physical Development Autumn 1 

Lime class have been very busy working on our physical development skills so far this term. We have enjoyed a weekly fencing session with a trained instructor during which we worked on using our bodies to move in different ways and to respond to a change of pace. We also enjoyed using the sword to hit the target. We also have a weekly PE session in the hall where we use all of the climbing equipment and some of us are becoming really confident climbers. Swimming is another weekly activity that we all love and we all have individualised targets that we are working towards in the water. 

All of the children in Lime class respond really well to activities that involve them getting physical and using their gross motor skills such as running, jumping, climbing and balancing. They have really enjoyed accessing the sensory equipment we have in class such as the core ball and the trampoline and the playground equipment such as the climbing net and the slide. All of the children also have lots of fun during our soft play session, climbing, sliding and exploring the safe environment. 

Physical Development Photographs September 2019