Park School

Reading & Writing

Violet Class have been fantastic participating in role play following the story "First day at Circus School".

Pupils have been reading the story joining in with an adult naming parts of the story such as nouns and action words. Pupils have also been putting the story in sequence using symbols. 

Reading through role play

Reading: First Day at Circus School

Violet Class are really enjoying reading this term's story. Through the support of continuous role play, pupils are able to relay the story when looking at the pages of the story with an adult. Lovely engagment!


Writing: Violet Class have been making really good progress already this term with their writing skills. 

Pupils have progressed from revising their tracing skills over different shapes to tracing over large letters to tracing  over small letters.

Some pupils have also started to copy two word sentences from the story "First day at Circus School".

This Spring Term, Violet Class have been reading the story "How to grow a Dinosaur". Pupils have been doing great reading following the story. Pupils have also been following the story by engaging in Role Play. Pupils have also been learning new vocabulary with the support of symbols. 

This Spring Term all pupils have been making great progress with their writing skills. Some pupils have progressed on from tracing letters of the alphabet to overwriting on words. Other pupils have started to copy two to three word sentences. Pupils who have been mark making have made improvements by making shapes to represent letters. 

Writing Skills