Park School

Rota Kids

At school we have a Rota kids club it is based in Purple class, Rota kids is part of the Rotary organisation and we are sponsored by our local Rotary club that is based in Wallasey.

Our Rota kids have just held their first charter celebration, this means we have been registered and affiliated for one year. We all went to the Bluebelle tea rooms to celebrate, what a great time we had. At the tea rooms our new pupils to Purple class made their promise to become a Rota kid, the President of Wallasey Rotary Shaun came to officiate and present the certificates.

Our charter and membership celebration

Our Rota kids are in charge of all our charity work and events, they have organised and run their first one - a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan nurses. Rota kids made posters, invitations and posted flyers through houses in the local community. On the day 8 ladies from the Inner Wheel (another branch of the Rotary club) came to help Rota kids run the coffee morning. Everyone had a great time and we raised a massive £333.00.

Having fun making money for Macmillan with the ladies of the Inner Wheel. You can also see Our Rota kid President Vinnie with the Inner Wheel President Ann and in the next photograph you can also see our Vice President Matthew with our Head teacher Margaret.

In November we organised a whole school ramble to and around Harrison Park. It was in aid of Children in Need, at the park we had refreshments in the bowling club grounds and pavilion, the Ladies from The Inner Wheel organised and served our refreshments -Thank you. Wallasey Rotary club members came to help us walk and cross the road - Thank you. With everybody's help and support we had a great morning and managed to raise a massive £1145.00 Thank You. 

December was a busy month full of Christmas activities, we did find time to help the homeless we asked everyone in school to save their crisp packets. We and some other classes cut the packets open, washed and dried them.Then with the help of the Ladies from The Inner Wheel we ironed the crisp packets together in rows of 5, then ironed them together. We used old plastic sheets to cover the whole thing, ironed it on and sewed around the edge on the sewing machine-Hurrah we had made our first Bivouac bag (a waterproof emergency survival bag) to give to the homeless. It takes 150 crisp packets to make 1 bag, we have made and given to the night shelter 5 bags phew! what a lot of ironing. We are still collecting crisp packets but unfortunately we do not have time to make anymore bags in school, we will be sending our bags to an outside organisation that are able to complete more bags. Well done everyone.