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Sensory Story

Sensory Story Autumn 1 2019

Sensory stories are a wonderful way to engage the children in a group activity whilst making stories more accessible using fun and multi sensory materials. Lime class enjoy a sensory story 3 times a week and this is how we introduce and develop topic based knowledge and understanding. All of the children have individualised targets that the adults are promoting throughout the session such as interacting with the props, taking turns and following simple instructions.  

Our first story this term was about exploring our 5 senses so there were interesting things to look at, smell, taste, listen to and feel such as spices to smell, flour to feel and a thunder drum to listen to.. We then moved on to the Little red hen story. We helped the hen to plant the corn, collect the wheat, turn it into flour and kneaded the dough. It was then time for our harvest festival story which featured a reverend, Autumn leaves, the Bible and fruit and vegetables. We also enjoyed a very messy Halloween story where we made a witch's potion using goblin guts, bat droppings and wriggly worms!