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Sensory Story

Summer 1 2018


This term our topic is Barefoot Books as we all enjoy watching the songs and looking at the books. Our sensory story is called 'An Aqua Adventure' it features each child visiting one of the places in the Barefoot Books songs.  It starts with Vickey in an empty classroom so she goes on a hunt to find everyone. First she finds Kayden going 'up, up, up in a balloon. All of the children enjoyed trying to keep the balloons in the air. Next, she find Lucy on board a pirate ship so we all get our pirate hats on and do the pirate ship dance. Next Owen is blasting off to space on the space rocket ride so the children enjoy finding stars on the space blanket and looking at the stars and the moon on the projection light. Next, Sahil is under the sea, the children find fish on the sparkly sea material and they get wet with a water spray. Next is Cole in the jungle, the children find each animal in the song whilst exploring the jungle material and leaves. Next is David drawing his shapes in school, the children enjoy making marks in the glitter tray whilst listening to the shape song. Finally we find Tracey over in the meadow and the children explore flowers and grass before finishing off with their favourite food for snack during happy and you know it song, 

Spring 2 2018

During this term we have continued with our topic of 'Food Glorious Food' as we still had so much to learn about and the children were enjoying it so much! Our new sensory story was 'The Tiger who came to tea' which featured tigers to feel, different food to taste such as sandwiches, iced buns, crisps and noodles. The children responded really well to the story and were excellent at following instructions such as pressing the doorbell, posting food through the tigers mouth and giving the toy tiger some tea using a teapot. At the end of the story, the class was transformed into a cafe and the children enjoyed some tasty chips just like the characters in the story. 

Spring 1 2018

Our sensory story this term is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. The children are really enjoying learning about how hungry the caterpillar was and the different foods he eats along the way. The children have been working on following instructions during this session such as posting the fruit through the caterpillars mouth and wrapping up the caterpillar in his cocoon. There are also lots of yummy fruits to taste along the way. Some of the children are also following the story on the screen with their own printed copy of the book, working on their pre-reading skills. All of the children enjoy watching the transformation of the caterpillar into the beautiful butterfly at the end of the story. 

Autumn 2 2017


Our sensory story this term is all about Celebrations. During the story we learn about Diwali, Bonfire Night and Birthdays. Sensory props are used throughout to help engage the children. During Diwali there are jewellery beads to feel, Diwali sweets to taste and diva lamps to light. During Bonfire Night there are fireworks to watch and listen to, light up sparklers to feel and look at, hat and scarves to wear, hairdryer to feel the heat of the bonfire. During birthday celebrations there are balloons to play with, a present to open, birthday cake to taste and music to dance to. The children are beginning to respond to the story and are getting better at engaging with the sensory props and following instructions. 

Autumn 1 2017


Our sensory story this term is called 'Vickey's day at the Seaside'. The story follows Vickey as she gets ready for a day at the seaside and it explores many of the sensory elements of the beach, such as feeling the sand, splashing in the water, finding some shells and eating a picnic. The story is repeated 3 times a week so the children have become used to the routine of it and are now beginning to anticipate and respond to the different props used, such as putting the sunglasses on their eyes or packing the items in the beach bag with much more independence. The children have also been working on following instructions and taking turns during these sessions.