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Silver Class is a fantastic class of 7 pupils. Our class Teacher is Kim and our teaching assistants are called Meg and Rachael. We love learning new things everyday and have lots of fun.   

Spring Term


So far this Spring term we have been listening to alternative traditional tales. We have dressed up, sang songs, baked and role played different characters from our stories. Silver class have also been learning about the weather in our geography lessons and floating and sinking in our science lessons.

Autumn Term


At the start of term we got to know each other through songs and games and we did some lovely art. We then had a theme week about health and well-being where we did lots of great activities. 

People Who Help Us


Our first topic was 'People Who Help Us' where we learnt about different people who helps us everyday. We learnt about builders, doctors, the fire brigade and many more. It made us grateful to people who work hard every day in our community.