Park School


The first sensory story we enjoyed this year was called 'The Girl, The Bear and the Magic Shoe'. We went on an adventure with Josephine and her new shoes. We went up a snowy mountain, across a lake and through the squelchy mud with the help of our amazing magic shoes that kept turning into different types of shoes to help us on our way. 

Magic Shoe Story Photos Autumn 1 2022

Our second story was all about a witch in Indigo Class who made a big mess and needed the help of the children to find all of her special things like her hat, broomstick, slime and magic wand. The children enjoyed dressing up as the witch and exploring all of he sensory props. They were even treated to some Halloween sweets at the end of the story. 

The Magic Lamp Sensory Story 


All of the children enjoyed our magic lamp story as we all had a turn of rubbing the magic lamp and our wish came true. We wished for bubbles, chocolate, music, dinosaurs and magically they all just appeared, it was lots of fun!

Dream Snow Sensory Story 


Our first Christmas themed story was based on the book 'Dream Snow' by Eric Carle. We enjoyed meeting the farm animals, hiding under the blanket of snow, tasting the honey on toast, sprinkling the snow and opening the presents at the end of the story. 

Dream Snow Story Powerpoint

The Nativity Sensory Story 


Our final story of the Autumn Term was the Nativity Story. We learnt about how an angel visited Mary and told her she was to have a baby. We listened to the donkey's hooves as he carried Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem and we were all very careful when holding the Baby Jesus. We also followed the bright star to guide us on our way and we loved recreating the story using the Nativity figures in the stable.