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The Magic Paintbrush- Art Week

We have had a whole school themed week entitled 'The Magic Paintbrush'.


The week started off by learning about colour, identifying primary colours and experimenting with colouring mixing. 


We were then given a special picture to take back to our class and learn about. Our picture was by the famous artist Pablo Picasso. As a class we learnt about Picasso and explored some of his famous art works. 


On Monday we looked at 'Composition' and recreated it by drawing different lines and shapes.


On Tuesday we learnt about Portraits and looked at different styles of portraits that Picasso painted. We then made our own abstract portraits. 


On Wednesday we got messy exploring paints and colours! A local artist visited class and we asked her questions and she then helped us design individual boxes which we used to create a whole school art installation. 


On Thursday we recreated Picasso's guitar sculpture using cardboard. 


On Friday we visited other classes to see what they had been learning about and we created a whole school art exhibit in the hall to display everyone's beautiful art work.