Park School


Skalagrim's Quest!


This term we have been learning all about the local Viking heritage.... which started with a visit from a mysterious lady from the past.


We were ushered up onto the hill to meet a Saxon lady who told us about a legendary Viking she knew over a thousand years ago and gifted us with his wooden chest of treasures. We were only allowed to open it if we could unscramble the letters to discover his name: SKALAGRIM!

He wrote us a letter sending us on an intrepid quest to uncover the secrets of his Viking Life, we explored historic artefacts and drew beautiful sketches of our favourite objects. The following weeks we investigated maps of Viking sites all over the Wirral, learned about Viking life, homes, clothes and tried out some of Heleth's recipes.  We loved exploring Viking longboats, making our own model boats and pottery, but our favourite day was trying out all the Viking artefacts including clothing, armour and weaponry!