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This term we received a mysterious letter from Doctor Victor Frankenstein asking us to help him with his latest experiment, creating a monster! 


He wants us to find out everything we can about Electricity: what it is, how it is made and how to stay safe around it. So we have done lots of research using websites and videos, and made up leaflets with the important safety information we learned.  


Next we learned how to make our own moving model hand, complete with bones and working tendons... we enjoyed playing tricks with our creepy hands!



We planned and designed our own little monsters, just like Frankenstein then in order to help him, we have been conducting lots of investigations using electrical circuits, then created our very own little monster 'Frankies', and we are going to try and bring them to life with what we have learned.


We have even had a visit from the Doctor in person! We loved showing him all of our work, but our favourite part so far was when we took part in a Murder Mystery... solving lots of clues and riddles, taking photos of the crime scene, reading interviews with the suspects and experimenting with different yucky poisons.