Park School

Curriculum Overview

At Elleray Park School we are committed to providing a curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils. The curriculum has been structured in light of the children's needs and ensures access to learning opportunities for all. We aim to equip the children with the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to live as independently as possible as adults in their community. We believe that learning is a life long activity, which engages everyone in our school community. Working as an efficient and effective multi-disciplinary team, we aim to make our school a happy place where expectations are high and individuals are valued. Elleray Park School aims to enrich, encourage and equip each child for their future education. 


The Curriculum at Elleray Park is based around the EYFS curriculum and delivered through a thematic approach using the ethos - Unique child; positive relationships; enabling environments. There is a strong focus throughout the curriculum on establishing positive relationships with others and proactively exploring the world around us. The primary purpose is to reinforce prior learning and introduce new deep learning. The curriculum widens out according to the pupils cognitive profile and many concepts are revisited in greater depth. There is a thematic approach to the curriculum with many areas being connected together and integrated within a theme. This allows learning to be more natural and less fragmented. 


Pupils at Elleray Park follow one of four curriculum learning pathways. The pathways are not defined by age, but by need and achievement. Pupils are therefore able to move flexibly between pathways at any point during their school journey. 


Curriculum Pathways 


Pre-Formal - Learners working at a developmental level of between 0 and 20 months.

SCERTS - Learners working at the very early semi formal level. 

Semi Formal - Learners working broadly between 20 months and the Early Learning Goal.

Formal - Learners working between the Early Learning Goal and end of Key Stage One expectations. 

Curriculum Overview

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