Park School

Phonics and Reading

At Elleray Park we recognise the importance of Reading and Phonics for all pupils, whether at an appreciation of environmental sound level or more advanced text analysis and comprehension level. Our aim is to provide pupils with the necessary skills to be able to access the curriculum and communicate with the wider world beyond school. 

Pupils across all three learning phases are provided with a language rich environment with a wealth of opportunities to access books, sensory stories, concrete resources, symbolic print and objects of reference. Pupils are exposed to a wide range of genre delivered through engaging activities and experiences. Some classes across school have dedicated reading areas to promote and develop the habit of reading often for pleasure. These stories can be shared through print, pictures, song and massage. 


If appropriate, pupils will follow a systematic, synthetic phonics programme using Phonics Bug. Phonics Bug provides a comprehensive teaching programme with motivational characters and interactive lesson ideas to ensure individualised sessions can be delivered.  Each child accessing the Bug Club reading scheme will have access to fully decodable print books and an online reading world enabling it to be used at home. 


We recognise that not all learners will learn to read using a systematic phonics scheme and adapt teaching styles and techniques to suit each individual child. Many of our pupils will be prepared for learning to read through developing symbolic representation. This may begin with photographs and the to understanding symbols. These symbols are used consistently across school to aid reading and communication.