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 Our Outreach Service is aimed at supporting our mainstream partners within The Wirral, sharing our skills and experiences for all pupils with additional needs. During a visit to your setting we will offer advice and guidance in planing, differentiating and personalising the curriculum for your pupils with Special Education Needs.  


  Who do we support? 

 We offer support and early intervention for F1 and F2 children providing a fully integrated 

and inclusive provision to pupils with Special Educational Needs.  


Advice and support is provided at no additional cost to the receiving school. 


Elleray Park Outreach Service offers support and advice to both the school, as a whole, and/or to individual pupils, teachers, teaching assistants, SENCO's and parents in Early Years settings. 


All guidance and planning must be agreed upon by everyone involved. 


  Our Outreach Service Offers

 Observation of pupils and suggested interventions

Assessment of individual pupil needs

 Supportive advice on current practice to enhance pupils with SEN learning.

   Visits to Elleray Park School (where appropriate) to observe practitioners model strategies and to gain ideas for resources. 

Identification of appropriate resources and strategies for practitioners. 

Training Programs provided for F1 and F2 practitioners. 

 Attracta Hillary Hughes

Outreach Teacher

    EPS Outreach Service