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Hello and welcome to our awesome Pink Class! We are 8 Early Years and Key Stage One children. Our class staff are - Annabel, Tracey and Jody. Everyday we have lots of fun trying new things, learning lots, forming friendships and of course having lots of adventures!


This half term our topic is Autumn. We started by going on an Autumn sensory walk, we loved looking at the changing colours of leaves, spotting 2 squirrels eating nuts and collecting leaves to make Autumn craft. 


In Literacy, we have been reading the story The Little Red Hen. Our favourite part is when the hen grinds the wheat into flour and we have a go too! We have enjoyed different sensory play with flour, grains and seeds. Using art and craft activities making farm animals using different media, such as, feathers and play dough.


We really enjoy our PE sessions in Pink class. This term we have been enjoying using the appuratus. We are getting very confident at moving in different ways and climbing to the top of the climbing frame!