Park School


Hello and welcome to Pink Class! We are a lively bunch of year 2's and 3's :) 

Our class staff are - Lauren, Tracey and Richard.


Our first topic is 'Our Amazing Bodies' and we have been looking at bones, skeletons and muscles. Each week we carry out an investigation using one of our 5 senses - touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell. Our literacy story focus is Funny Bones and we read a different story from the Funny Bones collection each week.


Our topic for Spring term is Our Wonderful World. We will be focusing on a different story each week relating to various countries we will learn about. The Snail and the Whale will start our topic off as they both travel all around the World and experience lots of different weather, creatures and landscapes. We will look at hot countries, cold countries, deserts and rainforests and how to take care of our planet. 


We enjoy our Attention Autism sessions and we are doing so well at sitting and attending to various activities. We like to explore new topics and science activities through our AA sessions.