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We are the amazing Pink Panthers! There are 10 Early Years and Key Stage One children. Our class staff are - Catherine, Louise and Sorrel. We have loads of fun each day; trying new things, developing new skills, and developing friendships, whilst following the Early Years curriculum.


This term our topic has been Adventures and Transport. In our first few weeks, we learnt about superheroes. We explored what makes a super hero and how can we be like a superhero! We made our own capes, masks, superhero names and became real life superheroes for the day! We had lots of fun!


We've been VERY busy during this topic. Whilst learning about transport, we have seen different types of transport and where to find them. We've spotted the Mersey Ferry on the water, trains at different stations, planes in the sky and buses in the depot. 


Whilst learning about adventures, we have been on different adventures ourselves. We have been on educational visits to Chester Zoo to look at the animals and their environments, we've bravely travelled to explore the Pirate ship on New Brighton Prom whilst fighting off those pesky crocodiles and also worked on our road safety walking to and from the park!


We have had lots of fantastic P.E sessions such as Military School and Irish dancing workshops. 


We dressed up as our favourite characters for World book day. The book we studied was "The Hungry Caterpillar".




It's Chrrrrriiiiisssssttttmaaaaaaaaaasssssss! We have had a fabulous, festive term in Pink class! Where do we start? We went to Meadowside school where we performed in their Sign along concert. We sang and signed "hush, there's a baby" in front of an audience. Everyone said how brilliant we were!


We then performed in our own Elleray Park Christmas play. We dressed in our Christmas costumes and performed a dance to "Frosty the snowman" for our families. We were superstars!


To top off our busy term, we have also been to the church to see The Christmas tree festival. Whilst we were there we learnt all about the Christmas story! We've been to the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool to watch the rock and roll pantomime. 


From all of us in Pink class, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!




In Autumn term we learnt about the book "Sally goes to the vets". Each week we had looked at particular parts of the book such as what made us different, what made us good friends and people who care for us and our animals.

In science this term we have been learning about different animals. To do this we have taken part in different experiments. Our favourite has been the duck experiment. We learnt that ducks have waterproof feathers that keep them warm and the water falls right off them! To test this, we each had a duck, we then coloured our ducks with wax crayons. We took a water bottle and sprayed it onto the ducks feathers. What came next was magic! The water drops formed together then fell off!

This term, we have loved going to forest school! Every week we get on our waterproofs, hop on the bus and head to forest school. Whilst there, we have made clay models, made our own mud with water and soil, used sticks as stirrers and jumped around in our wellies. We also love to go exploring, climbing and looking at how the leaves are changing going into Autumn. We love to get good and dirty in Forest school!

We have been very bakers in Pink Panther class already this year. We have made chocolate rice krispie cakes, decorated our own biscuits and attended our schools Macmillan Coffee morning. We are all excited to investigate more recipies throughout the rest of the term! 

In our English lessons, we have been working on our daily phonics, developing our fine motor skills and working towards our pincer grips. 

During our Attention Autism sessions, we are working from phase 1 - phase 4. We are working hard during phase 4 developing our fine motor skills and independence during activities. We love coming back to the circle to show off our amazing work at the end of the session!

We have been very busy bees this term with lots of Educational visits! As we have been reading the book "Sally goes to the vets", we went to see Sally's animal friends and look at their different living environments. We went to Carr Farm where we looked at the different types of fish. We discussed the different sizes, their different colours and why they lived in water. We also visited Water World and Pets at home to look at the different types of animals some of us might have at home. Whilst there, we were so excited because the staff then brought some furry friends out for us to stroke.