Park School




We are a class on 9 boisterous boys and 3 members of staff: Nicola (Class Teacher), Leigh and Sian.

This year Lilac Class will be focusing on Communication and Language, as well as our Independent Skills. We will also be working on building our skills in all of the key subject areas, were we will be engaging in daily Phonics lessons, as well as English and Maths lessons.



Autumn Term


During the Autumn Term, our topic is "It's a Kind of Magic". We will be exploring this topic through reading stories such as, Webster Witch's Ugly Potion, Jack and the Beanstalk and Harry Potter. We will be using a range of story props and resources to retell and sequence the stories, and we will be continuing to explore the topic during our Art and Cooking lessons, which we love getting messy in.  We engage in daily Phonics lessons, where we explore objects beginning with our sound of the week and practice forming these letters in a range of media, such as glitter, shaving foam and flour, as well as the letters on a worksheet using a pencil or forming the letters ourselves.