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Lilac Class 2018-2019

Welcome to Lilac class!


We are class of 8 children and 4 adults: Zofia, Jess, Lucy (Monday and Tuesday) and Louise (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). We are busy this term and learn about Pets. We are making our science experiments regarding pets, our favourite was “How fish breathe” when we were filtering water mixed with glitter through a coffee filter.

We love our art lessons, at the beginning of this term we have been learning about Paul Klee’s “Gold fish” painting and we have created our own paintings with a gold fish. During art we explore range of materials and tools to paint with: feathers, cotton wool, we are also experimenting with colours.

This half term our focus on Mathematics is patterns, size and numbers, we are trying to understand what numbers actually mean. We use variety of objects, counters to help us understand.

Our story this term is a pet version of Julia Donaldson “Squash and squeeze” and we all love this story. We are creating a big sensory book for others to read. Every week we do phonics, reading and drama when we tell our social stories and how to solve our problems. We are doing Hand Class every week and enjoy our gross and fine motor skills activities. Our favourite was transferring chestnuts with tea infusers. 

For PE we are swimming every week and love our fencing sessions with Pete!

Lilac class team

Lilac Class have had a great Summer Term. In the first half of the Summer Term Lilac Class read the story “Oliver’s vegetables” and we learnt about variety of vegetables, we have made chips, mashed potatoes, Carrot crisps, carrot juice, we also run a chemistry experiment using beetroots. We have used peeler, masher, blender and deep fry machine.We planted our own potatoes, carrots, rhubarb, beetroots, cabbage and peas and using magnifying glass we were observing them as they grow. We have had lots of fun using potatoes as a switch to operate Makey-Makey device and play games on the computer. During the first half term we have also read a story “Little Red Hen” and learnt about bread making. We have baked our own bread and rolls.

During second part of the summer term our story was “Handa’s Surprise” and we did lots of Africa related activities. We have also read a story “Mermaid” in preparation for our visit to the Philharmonic to hear the Liverpool Philharmonic perform pieces of classical music. What an amazing experience in The Philharmonic which all pupils thoroughly enjoyed.  In Music lessons Lilac Class learned about the different instruments, we have used African drums and boomwhackers to play simple tunes.  

Lilac  Class have made fantastic improvement in their writing skills, most of us will now copy simple letters, some will write simple words all by themselves.   In Science Lilac Class have been learning about animals and their habitats.  This term Lilac Class has been participating in Forest School. They learned how to make a camp fire and how to take care of plants. Pupils also made flower clay plates.

In PE Lilac Class have made fantastic progress with the Rugby Skills: passing the ball, making manoeuvres to get a “touch down”. First half term we enjoyed our Yoga sessions weekly. In Maths Lilac Class have shown great knowledge of telling the time; o’clock and using language related to money.

The greatest achievement this term is the lovely friendships Lilac Class have made with each other.

Well done Lilac Class! Happy Summer Holidays everyone!

Lilac Class Spring term


It was an amazing term!  We enjoyed our topic about Adventures (Superheroes, Dragons) and traveling (Vehicles). We have been reading “Jack and a Beanstalk” story  and learning about a story’s structure. Second term we did “We’re going on a bear hunt” story and some of us know it by heart now!

During Mathematics sessions we are working on our numbers during a Little Big Math sessions and other skills like: patterns, shapes, measuring.  One of our favourite lessons is Lego Club, it’s the time we learn: listening, attention, turn taking, speaking, sorting and counting.

We enjoy our PE sessions, during the first half of term we took part in Military School sessions where we have learnt how to listen and follow instructions and the second half we have been doing Archery, it is a good opportunity to learn to wait for a turn. During Art sessions we have started using other materials for sculptures (paper clay) and we are planning to do more next term. Every art lesson is very exciting and everybody loves it.

There was lots of themed days during a Spring term: Chinese New Year,  Pancake Day, World Book day, Red Nose Day, St. Patrick day (we have learnt how to dance an Irish Dance). We have watched the theatre play “Peter Pan” and enjoyed our day in the ZOO.


Second Autumn term we have been talking about Festivals and Celebrations. We have been learning about: Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Children in Need, Birthdays, Christmas. One of our favourite lesson was Dance with our brilliant teacher Lucy.  
This term we are focusing on Adventures. First two weeks we have been talking about Superheroes. We have enjoyed our Science experiment.This term we will take part in Military School classes, Lego Club every Monday and we will work on our sensory needs every week during special sessions. 

Welcome to the Lilac Class Page! 



We are a class of 10 pupils and 3 adults: Maddie,  Ann and Helen. We also have David helping us every Wednesday.  Lilac class are settling in very well to their new class and have been busy getting to know each other. We are a lively class and love singing.


This term we will be teaming up with Gold and Onyx class for our topic ‘Attracta’s Tractors’. We will be looking at  our local area and history as well as different types of transport.  In our D.T and art lessons we will be making our own models of transport. How exciting!


For the next couple of weeks,  we are lucky to be working with Chris, the Judo instructor, on perfecting our Judo skills.  Each week, we are also very fortunate to have a very special visitor in our class.  Dylan, the lovely Golden Retriever, visits our class in the afternoons and everyone loves playing, feeding and walking Dylan around the class. 


Please feel free to look at some of our areas of learning for this term.