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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!
The Senior Leadership Team
Picture 1 Margaret Morris Headteacher
Picture 2 Holly Barker Deputy Head
Picture 3 Gill Eccles School Business Manager
Picture 4 Liz Dumlu TLR
Picture 5 Clare McGuinness TLR
Picture 1 Attracta Hughes Class Teacher/Outreach Service
Picture 2 Amy Acharaya Class Teacher TLR
Picture 3 Jo Preston Class Teacher
Picture 4 Julie Dean Class Teacher
Picture 5 Jonny Lewis Class Teacher
Picture 6 Michele Campbell Class Teacher
Picture 7 Gill Hughes Class Teacher
Picture 8 Lisa Awang Class Teacher
Picture 9 Catherine Millward Class Teacher
Picture 10 Vickey Hadden Class Teacher
Picture 11 Lucy Catt Class Teacher
Picture 12 Lisa Littlewood Class Teacher
Picture 13 Annabel Hardy Class Teacher
Picture 14 Aoife Markey-Smith Class Teacher
Picture 15 Rebecca Stevenson Class Teacher
Picture 16 Catherine Walsh Class Teacher
Picture 17 Hannah Chiswell Class Teacher
Picture 18 Justin Odinson Class Teacher
Picture 19 Kay Jones Class Teacher
Picture 1 Kerry Vale
Picture 2 Chris Halls
Class Based Support Staff
Picture 1 Kerri Gore
Picture 2 Sorrel Martin
Picture 3 Loise Millward
Picture 4 Tracey Abbott
Picture 5 Lisa Martingell
Picture 6 Fran Reilly
Picture 7 Richard Walker
Picture 8 Andrea Barclay
Picture 9 Karen Barr
Picture 10 Louise Hocking
Picture 11 Faye Starr
Picture 12 Ann Dixon
Picture 13 Laura Goodwill
Picture 14 Dawn Bennett
Picture 15 Yvonne Quigley
Picture 16 Marie Rice
Picture 17 Hayley Jones
Picture 18 Kate Butterworth
Picture 19 Helen Smith
Picture 20 Ann Cooper
Picture 21 Kirstie Davies
Picture 22 Amy Youds
Picture 23 Helen Gray
Picture 24 Dan Howe
Picture 25 Fay Flowerday
Picture 26 Suzy Higgins
Picture 27 Emma Smyth
Picture 28 Chloe Byrne
Picture 29 Sean Chapman
Picture 30 Louise Graham
Picture 31 David Parrott
Picture 32 James Smith
Picture 33 Jane Holden
Picture 34 Jodie Rainford
Picture 35 Laura Morris
Picture 36 Leigh Thompson
Picture 37 Megan Manning
Picture 38 Nicky Brown
Picture 39 Rose Brett