Park School


PE and Physical Development


In Jade class we believe physical education is super important for our social, mental and physical health! The children in Jade class are always on the move!  Each morning we do 15 minutes of exercise to wake us up after the bus journeys in and get us ready for the day ahead. We do 2 hours of P.E a week and our currently working on the fundamental movement techniques: agility, throwing and catching, running, balance, speed and how to play in a game situation. We learn these by practising different techniques and playing games. One of the main things we encourage is teamwork and learning to play by following the rules of the game.


We have also been lucky enough to have several coaches working with us, which is great because we are super active and we love games! 

  • Everton in the Community worked with us on our general movement skills, avoiding obstacles and following directions. 


Next half term we will be able to continue another block of swimming lessons at Guinea Gap pool. All the pupils love going to swimming and are able to join in no matter of their ability.