Park School


PE and Physical Development


The children in Jade class are always on the move!  And in addition to our 2 hours of PE a week, we also take part in regular movement breaks, which support our physical development targets.  We follow the principles and sequence of a sensory circuit: first doing alerting activities; then focussed activities; and finishing with calming movements and breathing which also support our emotional and self-regulation, before we continue with our classroom activities.  


We have also been lucky enough to have several coaches working with us, which is great because we are super active and we love games! 

  • Everton in the Community worked with us on our general movement skills, avoiding obstacles and following directions. 
  • Our KSE coach introduced us to competitive sports, and building our self-confidence to try new jumps and ball skills.
  • In Judo we developed a range of floor skills on the mats, including grappling and throwing.
  • Fencing gave us an opportunity to develop gross motor skills, balance and agility, whilst getting a taste of skilled competitive sport, being able to play within rules, score points and develop simple tactics in a match.


This term we have continued another block of swimming lessons at Guinea Gap pool. All the children have made brilliant progress, gaining confidence in the water and on their individual targets including: entering and exiting the water safely; moving and floating; as well as the beginning techniques of various swim strokes.