Park School

Coral - Pensby

Welcome to Coral Class! 


Coral class is a lovely class made up of Gill the class teacher, Bryony our TA3 and Fay and Liv our TA2's......and of course 6 lively boys!

In Coral class we are following a semi formal pathway to learning and are focusing on becoming familiar with routines and developing our attention. 


Throughout the Spring term our topic has been 'Around the World'. During this topic the boys have read information stories about different countries we 'visited' each week, cooked and tasted food from these countries, looked at and made flags, listened to traditional music including the National Anthem of each country and many other themed activities. 

Alongside these tasks the boys have accessed sensory circuits, dance sessions with a lovely coach, communication work using core boards and also been practising their play skills both with adults and their friends in class. 

This term we have recently added Stage 3 in our Attention Autism sessions enabling the boys to sit and attend for extended periods of time, Well Done boys!


This term we are celebrating NSPCC Numbers Day, Children's Mental Health Day, World Book Day, National Science Week (Investigating & Exploring themed Week) and Easter. 


Please look at the different activities we have been doing in our Gallery and you will see how much fun we have!