Park School

Lemon - Pensby

Welcome to Lemon Class!


Lemon Class is made up of 10 children (7 boys and 3 girls) and 4 adults- Georgia, Fran (Monday-Thursday), Grace and Jo (Friday). We are working on our independence skills, being good friends, sharing and communicating our wants and needs. We love singing songs, listening to stories and playing with our friends. Each term we will be exploring an exciting new topic. 

Our weekly timetable for Autumn Term 1

It's a kind of magic! 


Our topic for Autumn term is 'It's a kind of magic'. We have explored a range of stories linking to our topic including 'There's a Witch in your book' and 'The Weather Fairy'. We enjoyed decorating a witches hat and making rainbow pictures that link to our story.


In Science we have looked at light. We explored changes of light in our dark den in class, using different lights to see what effects they had. 

Every two weeks we have been exploring a different sound in Phonics. We love taking turns to come to up to the board to practice our letter formation as well as looking at what is in our Phonics box.  We have been working hard to practice our mark making skills through handwriting practice and a range of fine motor skill activities.