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PE and Sporting Events

PE at Elleray Park


At Elleray Park we know the huge significance of physical activity and its impact upon the well being of all of our pupils. We work closely with other SLD schools on Merseyside to create competitions and festivals where our pupils can thrive and challenge each other in a safe and secure manner. In the Summer term we saw the return of our 'Olympic Legacy Day' which saw a small team from each of the Merseyside SLD schools compete in a range of activities including archery and football tailored to the individual needs of our pupils. We are looking forward to more competitions like this in the coming year. 


We are extremely lucky to be in receipt of the PE and Sport Grant. It enables us to provide our pupils with a range of physical activity experiences through high quality coaching. We are excited for both new and returning coaches this academic year which are funded through the grant.


This year we have Judo with Chris (Judo Education), Dance with Lucy (Shadow Dance), a range of multi sports with Jess (Everton in The Community) and Rugbytots with Will.  Some of our parents will remember our Fencing sessions through Little Musketeers with Barry. These will be restarting for some of our classes this year. We also welcome Matt from KSE coaching services who will work with children to build their competitive skills as well as resilience and team building.