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Welcome to Emerald Class!


We are one of the four classes based in Ganneys Meadow. Our class is made up of seven bright and energetic five and six year olds and three bright and energetic staff: Lucy, Sean and Nikki. We love to have fun through learning! We are working hard at addition and 3D shapes in maths and in Literacy we are listening to rhyming stories and practising writing letters to form words! Our teachers are very proud of us.



Autumn Term


We have had a great first term learning about people in our community that help us from the emergency services to farmers, bus drivers and shop keepers. One of our favourites was learning about vets- we bandaged up our cuddly pets, checked their hearts with our stethoscopes and gave them their much needed vaccinations! We also loved matching up the x-rays to the correct pets in science. One of our other favourite weeks was learning about builders- we painted pictures of houses with rollers and paint and even visited a real life builder’s site and spotted several diggers and plenty of hard hats! 


Within our first term we have already started to show real progress and have continued to wow our teachers. In maths, we have been working on categorising objects into bar charts, we have been practising our counting using numicon, toy insects and cars, and some of us have even been learning number bonds to ten! In Literacy, we have been sitting really well for stories and have been practising our writing and mark making too. We have particularly enjoyed our emotional literacy lessons where we’ve been learning about different emotions, what makes us feel certain emotions and what we can do to make ourselves feel better again. We can’t wait to see what we’ll be learning about next term!

Autumn Term Highlights

Spring Term


This half term we have started reading a range of Julia Donaldson books. So far, we have read The Gruffalo and The Highway Rat. We love to join in with the rhyming and repetition in the stories. We are also big fans of cooking lessons and have had lots of fun making Gruffalo crumble and Highway Rat cakes! 

The Gruffalo Song!

In music we have been learning The Gruffalo song! We are very good at remembering all of the Gruffalo's terrible features including the poisonous wart at the end of his nose and the purple prickles all over his back! This song is also helping us to practise singing loudly and quietly too- enjoy!