Park School


Welcome to Amber Class!

Welcome to Amber class! We are a brand new class of 8 EYFS children who love active play and being outdoors. Liz is the teacher and we have 2 teaching assistants called Louise and Lauren. we love exploring Messy play and playing in the water tray too. We are learning to build up our concentration skills and interact with others. We love playing our new game "the bucket" which is helping us To be motivated and excited to learn and play and also share and turn take.

Our topic this term has been 80 days around the world. We have explored Africa, The Arctic, China, Italy, France, UK, America and Australia. We have enjoyed making art work from that country, trying foods and cookery and also finding out interesting things about each place. Some of our favourite activities have been making pizza, exploring ice and the animals that live in cold places and exploratory play with rice and noodles.

We have had two different coaches in P.E. this term and have explored climbing, moving in different ways, using the equipment to aid us. We have also started working with Everton in the community and we are learning to control the footballs and score goals. this will continue till Easter.