Park School

Attention Autism

Attention autism is an approach we use as part of our daily routine in class. It is a session that is designed to develop our attention and communication skills. There are 4 stages to work through:


Stage 1 - The Attention Grabber - Lead adult models 4 or 5 exciting and highly motivating toys out of the suitcase. The children can look but not touch the objects e.g. flashing and spinning toys, musical toys, unusual toys etc

Stage 2 - Sustain Attention - Lead adult models a process based, visual, fun activity to watch e.g. flour shaking, foam splat, balloon pop etc

Stage 3 - Turn Taking - Each child is invited up to the front to take a turn of a highly motivating activity that is fun to watch e.g. sprinkling flour, adding things to a potion, splatting foam etc

Stage 4 - Shift and re-engage - Each child is given their own box to complete a simple activity related to the session. They then return to the circle to share their work e.g. making playdough models, creating a picture, copying a pattern etc 


Attention Autism Photos Autumn 1 2022