Park School


Welcome to Blue Class 2021/2022


We are a class of 6 boys from the ages of 3 to 11 years. Michele is our Teacher and Andrea and Lisa are our Teaching Assistants. Adele helps us on a Wednesday and Paula and Adele help us at lunch time.

In Blue Class we follow our own individualised learning outcomes using a holistic and multi sensory approach to learning. Our targets are set in Language and Communication, Cognition, Physical and Sensory and Mental Health and Well Being. We use the MOVE Programme to develop our functional skills in sitting, standing, walking and transitioning between. 




Our topic this term is Space.

We will be listening and participating in the sensory stories:  Whatever Next and Aliens Love Underpants.

The children in Blue class have been enjoying our sensory story Whatever Next as part of our space topic. We have been participating in the story through the use of props,sounds and being part of the story such as the teddy wearing his helmet to go in his spaceship and visit the moon. 


Using our senses to explore



Spring Term

This term we are focussing on the authore Eric Carle. We have been reading the sensory story The Little Cloud.

The Little Cloud sensory art session

Making Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday

Planting Sunflowers

We planted our own sunflowers

BLUE CLASS 2020-2021

Welcome to Blue Class. We are a class of 8 children aged between 2 and 10 years old and have three members of staff.

Michele is the Teacher and Andrea and Lisa are our teaching Assistants. At lunchtime Debbie and Sue help us.


We follow a multi sensory based curriculum. We care for and teach our children with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) in Blue Class using a nurturing, holistic and child-centred approach.  The children follow their own individual curriculum in the areas of: Communication, Cognition, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development.


In Blue class we treat every child as an individual and provide learning and development activities to ensure they reach their full potential.

Spring Term

 In Blue Class this term our topic is DINOSAURS.

We are focussing on the books Harry and a Bucket full of Dinosaurs, All about Dinosaurs,Dinosaurs Love Underpants and Bumposaurus.

We are enjoying a TAC PAC session on DINOSAURS learning through touch and music.

We practise our MOVE programmes everyday and some of us are now sitting on a conventional classroom chair to complete learning activities, some are holding their head up for longer periods to focus and participate in a learning activity. Some of us are also practising our walking and reaching.


We love our bucket sessions which are used to build up our engagement,concentration and anticipation skills. We participate in Stage 1 and Stage 2.


We continue to use a Total Communication approach to learning and we have access to our visual photographic and symbol timetable, First/Then boards, MAKATON, on body signs and music cues as well as our individual visuals and objects of reference.



Autumn Term

Our topic this term is Myths and Legends. Our sensory story is Robin Hood.

 We have been enjoying a sensory story about Robin Hood and all about what he did and his friends.

We made a display of our art work in class.

In Science we have been learning about different tastes and textures. We have been using the touch screen computer to learn about and practise cause and effect.

We have our own individual targets using Routes for Learning for our communication and cognition. This is practised throughout all our learning activities.

In Blue Class we practise our MOVE targets everyday throughout all areas including lunch and play times.


Our second sensory story was Icarus. We loved engaging in the puppets during our sensory story and dressing up in our wings to experience moving our arms up and down as if we where Icarus. 



Blue Class Autumn 1 and 2

Children have targets set in these areas every term and work towards these in a number of ways.  Children also engage in weekly sessions that give plenty of opportunities for child led learning and incidental achievements.  

Sessions in our class include: sensory story,  hydrotherapy, , MOVE sessions, ICT session (cause and effect), . We have our Music based on a multi sensory session focussing on different instruments, Physio , Hand Class, Tac Time, Positive Eye Program, Atmospherics, MATP.




We take pride in providing the best life and learning experiences we can to recognise each child as an individual with their own strengths and needs.  The provision at our class endeavours to encourage children to reach their true potential through focusing on the most purposeful and relevant key skills for children at a developmentally appropriate level