Park School


Welcome to Blue Class 2022/2023


We are a class of 8 children. Michele is our Teacher and Andrea (Mon,Tue,Thur,Fri),Ann and Jess all week.

In Blue Class we follow our own individualised learning outcomes using a holistic and multi sensory approach to learning. Our targets are set in Language and Communication, Cognition, Physical and Sensory and Mental Health and Well Being. We use the MOVE Programme to develop our functional skills in sitting, standing, walking and transitioning between. We are a pre formal class and use the Engagement Model to support our learning and development.




Our topic this term is It's A Kind of Magic.

We will be listening and participating in the sensory stories:  The Magic Porridge Pot and after half term Room on a Broom.

The children in Blue class have been enjoying our sensory story The Magic Porridge Pot. We have been exploring the props using our five senses. We are becoming familiar with the story and enjoy participating in our song at the end about The Magic Porridge Pot by having our own bowl and stirring the porridge.


Using our senses to explore


Spring Term

Our topic this term is Around the World in 80 days.

Our first story explores different environments around the world. Our story was about a magic carpet that took us around the world. We travelled to a dry hot dessert then cold and icy ,windy and raining, foggy and thundery.

The children used a switch to activate a fan to experience wind, ice cubes to feel, sand ,water spray, hot water ,net over their face to experience foggy. They banged on a drum to make the sound of thunder. All the children were eager to have a multi sensory story experience.


Magic Carpet Ride around the world