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Welcome to Blue Class

Michele, Dawn, Marie and Jayne are supporting the children in blue class this year through their learning journey.

Blue class are a mix of 6  F2 and Year 1 children using the Routes For Learning programme focusing on Communication, Cognition,Physical development and Self help skills. We also use the MOVE programme and we all have our individual goals.


Routes for Learning.

We are assessed using Routes for Learning which ensures all teaching and learning focuses on early communication and cognitive skills. Routes for Learning celebrates the different abilities of learning with the most complex needs rather than trying to fit them into and existing framework. Each child has their own learning pathway and short term plan suitable to meet their individual learning,health and physical needs. Children are also assessed using an individual Engagement Profile and Scale looking at the 7 areas of engagement from the Rochford Review.


MOVE. Each child in Blue class have their own Move passport and are supported through a weekly Move circuit and individual physiotherapy programmes


Our topic this term is AT THE MOVIES with a focus on The Wizard of Oz.






Spring Term

This term our topic is Alternative Fairy Stories and our sensory story is The Stinky Cheese Man. This story is based on the traditional tale of The Gingerbread Man.

We have enjoyed meeting the Stinky Cheese man and tasting soft cheese. We have been using switches and puppets and made a display for our classroom.

Summer Term 1

Our summer term started with our topic The Jungle. Our sensory story was Walking through the Jungle. We used switches to make the sounds the animals made. The crocodile was very bumpy we all liked the feel of him.

In science we learned about the different animals, what they ate,where they lived,how they felt and what sound they made. We all liked being squeezed to feel how the snake ate its food. We tasted banana and pretended to be a monkey pressing a switch to make its sound and some of us squoze the monkey puppets mouth to make its sound.

We have been turning our classroom into a jungle and have made leaves, lions,snakes and an elephant.