Park School


Welcome to Green class!


We are an enthusiastic, lively and hard-working class of 8 children and 3 grown ups; Sheela, Louise and Megan.   


Green Class follows the 'Semi-Formal' Curriculum Pathway, meaning our focus is on 

equipping pupils with the necessary skills, knowledge, understanding and experience to become more independent learners.  Green Class timetable is structured around the core areas of communication and language, early literacy and early maths. We teach these areas in traditional ways and through the creative arts and the world around us. The semi formal curriculum is also designed to address difficulties that children may have in the areas of communication and language, understanding, sensory integration, emotional regulation, attention and focus, physical mobility, social skills and independence. 




Meet the Green Class Team

Green Class Timetable

Autumn in Green Class

We will spend the first four weeks of the school year getting to know the children, tweaking the timetable and planning activities and learning based on their interests and their needs.