Park School

Teal - Pensby

Welcome to Teal Class. We are a lively, fun bunch of 6 pupils - 2 boys and 4 girls. We love messy play and sensory activities and follow a Pre-Formal curriculum.


Our team consists of  Jennifer, who teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Attracta, who teaches Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We also have David, Katie and Ellen who are here to support us all week. 


 Our focus this year is building our attention skills through Attention Autism sessions. We also will be supporting our class with their focus and engagement skills. 

This year we are supporting our class with their communicating skills where they can communicate their wants and needs using PECS and objects of reference. 

Sensory Story

Communication using PECS

Teal Class are making really good progress making requests using symbols. Pupils will exchange a symbol when requesting food at snack and lunch time. They will also use symbols to request a sensory object or a toy from the cupboard. Pupils will hand their photo to an adult to say hello in exchange for the talking tile when saying hello to an adult.

Autumn Sensory exploration

Attention Autism: What do we wear for winter

Let it snow

Hello Lesson 2023 focusing on our favourite things

Communication using PECS

Attention Autism: Spring flowers and Spring eggs: Fantastic Stage 3 engagement

LOTC: Transitioning in the community and shopping in our local shop

Easter/Spring Sensory Story: Spring flowers: fantastic engagement!