Park School

Aqua - Pensby


We are a key stage 2 class of semi formal learners. Cristina is the teacher. Richard and Rosie are here to support us. There are 10 children, 7 boys and 3 girls. 


Aqua class is full of personalities and kindness and we will be focusing on our feelings and how to communicate our wants and needs.

Our topic for the Autumn term is "It's a Kind of Magic". We will learn  with themed activities in our lessons. In Aqua Class we love sensory stories and our first one this year is "The Girl, The Bear and The Magic Shoes". We will have fun while exercising our speech with  "Mr Tongue" stories.

We will build our attention skills through Attention Autism sessions. One of our favourites lessons is cookery and we will be doing it once a week, of course! 

This term we will have the opportunity to practice Fencing with a coach every Thursday. 

Every Friday we will have our Class Assembly.