Park School


Welcome to Copper Class!


We are a class of 8 pupils and 4 members of staff: Sorrel, Suzy, Jo and Kay.



This year Copper Class will be focusing mostly on Social Communication and Emotional Regulation using the SCERTS framework. Copper Class are working at the social partner stage and the language partner stage.


SCERTS is a comprehensive intervention model for children with ASC and/or those who struggle with social communication and emotional regulation. The SCERTS model provides specific guidelines for helping a child to become a competent and confident social communicator and an active learner. Guidelines are also provided to support a child to be most available for learning and engaging and to prevent problem behaviours.

There are 3 developmental stages within the SCERTS model

· Social Partner Stage—Children may develop the ability to communicate intentionally with gesture and/or vocalisations

· Language Partner Stage—Children communicate for a purpose using symbols, signs and/or words

· Conversational Partner— Children use words, phrases and sentences. They begin to learn how to engage fully in conversations. Children begin to develop an understanding of the feelings and thoughts of others


The SCERTS curriculum at Elleray Park School is delivered using a thematic approach with a focus on social communication and emotional regulation thorough a range of multi sensory activities such as TEACCH tasks, intensive interaction, attention autism and sensory stories to ensure that teaching and learning is accessible, relevant and meaningful for all. All learning is focused upon the development of key skills and understanding in the areas of independent organisation, spontaneous social communication, social connectedness, mutual regulation, self regulation and flexibility of thought. Staff are responsive to this and ensure they provide the necessary interpersonal and learning supports to enable each child to make progress in all areas.