Park School


We aim to provide children with a voice to say what they want to say, when they want to say it and how they choose to say it. We provide a range of additional communication systems in class which we use all day every day to promote communication autonomy. 


We provide regular opportunities for our learners to build relationships and make connections with each other, with their staff and with the wider school community. We model the use of alternative communication systems which reflect the perspectives of our learners. We provide stimulating activities and activities on a daily basis which provide our learners with reasons to communicate. We respond to all attempts to communicate through behaviour, mouth words and symbol use. 


Part of the SCERTS model focuses on Social communication (SC): The ability to feel effective and engage successfully in reciprocal interaction and conversation, to be a competent communicator and be an active participant in social activities and social relationships. The two subcategories within Social Communication are Joint Attention and Symbol Use.