Park School

SCERTS Pathway



The SCERTS curriculum at Elleray Park School is used to meet the needs of some of our children who have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and who have particular difficulties in the areas of social communication and emotional regulation. We have identified that in order for this group of children to access their learning they require an adapted semi formal curriculum that enables them to work on the skills connected to a clearer understanding of nonverbal and verbal communication, social understanding and social behaviour, understanding and controlling their own emotions and thinking and behaving flexibly.


The focus for the SCERTS curriculum is based on:

Active Engagement

Spontaneous Communication

Understanding of Language

Social Communication

Social Connectedness

Shared and Joint Attention

Early Literacy Skills

Early Maths Skills 

Play Skills 

Mutual Regulation

Self Regulation

Physical Development 

Gross Motor Skills 

Fine Motor Skills 

The SCERTS curriculum is delivered in a way that ensures it is accessible, relevant and meaningful to all.




The SCERTS curriculum is structured around the priority areas of social communication and emotional regulation. Every learning activity is focused on making progress towards the child’s individualised targets in these areas. The semi formal subject areas such as early literacy and early maths are not taught as discrete sessions but key literacy and mathematical skills are built into a range of different teaching and learning activities. The SCERTS curriculum is composed of seven areas of learning which are social communication, emotional regulation, play skills, physical development, skill development, creative development and independent skills. Teachers ensure that within the SCERTS classes a broad and balanced curriculum that encompasses all these areas is delivered to each child. Teaching and Learning sessions in the SCERTS curriculum may include sessions such as Attention Autism, Intensive Interaction, PECS, Play Skills, Sensory Art, Sensory Music, Sensory Story, Story Massage amongst others. 





The impact of the SCERTS curriculum will be evidenced through the progress that the children make in their learning which will be measured using a range of frameworks and through formative and summative assessments. Progress in all 4 areas of the curriculum drivers (communication and interaction, cognition,  personal, social and emotional and physical and independence)  will be tracked to record and chart the holistic progress and development of each child. Progress will be recorded termly against the SCERTS assessment framework which focuses on social communication and emotional regulation.