Park School


Welcome to Diamond Class 2021!

We are an Early Years group of 7 children and we love to explore and get messy! We are all new to school and we are settling in really well and getting used to our new surroundings and routine. We have 3 adults in our room, Liz is the teacher and we have 2 teaching assistants called Lauren and Leigh. We love to play outdoors and keep active and we are working really hard on building up our attention skills and joining in activities for longer periods of time. Check back soon to see what we've been up to and we'll keep you posted on all our achievements!

Spring term

This term we have been exploring the topic of animals. We have explored where they live and and what their young look like. We have enjoyed listening to animal themed stories especially "we're going on a bear hunt"  exploring the different environments the family travel through. Diamond class are making great progress with using PECS and communicating effectively and some of us can make a sentence asking for desired objects.