Park School

Silver - Pensby

Welcome to Silver Class!

We are a class of 7 pupils.

Our Class Staff are:




        Teacher Emma                TA Fran                TA Ellen                       TA Rosie



Silver Class is made up of 7 children most of which like to get messy and explore their environment. Emma is our teacher and we have three amazing teaching assistants called Fran, Ellen and Rosie to help us with our learning. 


We follow a pre-formal curriculum and use the Engagement Model, which focuses on us developing our skills of exploration, realisation, anticipation, persistence and initiation.  We practice this through a range of multi-sensory and play based learning activities, which we often repeat in order to develop familiarity.


Our curriculum is individualised according to each of the children's needs and includes a range of group sessions, such as Attention Autism, Sensory Story and Sensology, and individual adult led activities. These help us to develop our social communication and emotional regulation.