Park School




Jade class love hands on science and experiments.  We have been developing our skills 'working scientifically', conducting investigations and making observations. In chemistry, we have been classifying, describing and testing everyday materials, including some very splashy water-play!


In biology, we have focussed on animals and humans, habitats and life-cycles.  But why watch and read about biology when you can do it... the children did the kangaroo life-cycle obstacle course! We looked at the size comparison of a newborn baby to a jelly bean, then after being born through the tunnel, they had to crawl up to the mother's pouch and get inside.  Next they drank milk to grow big and strong, then finally emerge from their pouch, as a young joey, and bounce around (on the trampet) to explore the world.  The children had lots of fun using their new knowledge to guide each other through the process and complete the cycle!


Most recently, we celebrated Science week with a special series of challenges set by the mysterious Dr Frankenstein who asked for our help bringing his monster to life using electricity.  We've had some hair-raising lessons developing our knowledge and skills in making electrical circuits.



Life Cycles

Dr Frankenstein's Electrical Challenge