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Welcome to Lime Class

We are a class of 9 fantastic children and we have lots of lovely staff who help us. Rachel and Kim share teaching the class between them, Rachel is in class on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday and Kim is in class on a  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Yvonne, Hannah  and Mark help us learn and have fun every day



Meet the staff and children in Lime Class

Here's our classroom

This is what learning looks like in Lime Class


Lime class follow a semi-formal curriculum which  prioritises sensory regulation and communication. Every day we have a session of Attention Autism and a sensory story to promote attention and engagement.

Weekly Timetable

Autumn 2021

During the autumn term Lime Class have been getting know each other and exploring space! We have enjoyed reading stories such as 'Aliens love Underpants', 'Whatever Next' and reading a story about Lime Class going to the moon. We've been on walking to the park most weeks and have enjoyed making yogurt cakes each week and swimming.


We are astronauts!