Park School


We are Yellow class and we are a class of 7 children aged between 5-8 years old. Amy is our teacher and we have Karen, Ann, Laura and Debbie who are our teaching assistants. We follow the Engagement model which has five key areas including exploration, realisation, anticipation, persistence and initiation. 

Spring term: Disney thematic




Yellow class went bowling and we had a lovely time. We had experienced bowling on the computer and in class but many of us had not been bowling before. We loved the sights and sounds of bowling and we tracked the ball going down the ramp and hitting the pins. 


Farm trip for start of spring



Yellow class visited a farm to develop their understanding of real animals and what they look, sound and smell like. The children tracked the animals well and helped to feed them. We have been learning about spring and doing up our classroom with spring windows and a spring tuff tray so we held a rabbit to help us understand what animal Easter bunny is!

Our classroom


We are visually impaired in Yellow class so using our functional vision is very important. Having a vibrant, colourful classroom is important with lots of rainbows, lights and tactile exploration. We get tired sometimes so we like somewhere to rest out of our chairs and to have a stretch. We need a safe space where we can communicate with others and practice visual skills such as looking at light up butterflies and Easter Bunny is fun and helps us keep up our vision skills. We have a dark den also for 1:1 vision time. Our teacher recently went on a Positive Eye program and we do lots of fun vision lessons with her and vision support. 



We are focusing on a different Disney film every three weeks and we have so far done Frozen, Mulan and Ratatouille. We have been doing lots of art and lots of baking for Ratatouille and this has been great fun as well as building our vision skills, fine motor skills and our persistence in activities. We made chef hats so we looked the part when we were baking our tasty treats. We enjoyed all the smells, tastes and colours of the food we made.


Roahl Dahl Day


We had Roahl Dahl day in class with a Charlie and the Chocolate factory focus. We had lots of fun listening to our sensory story and making sweets with paint that smell like chocolate, lime, vanilla and cherry. 




Autumn term: Traditional Tales 


We have been focusing on Traditional Tales in Yellow class this term such as The Little Red Hen, The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been focusing on these stories in a range of lessons such as art, music, numeracy and sensory play. 





We follow a multi-sensory curriculum which is individualised to our needs. We strive to try new things and push ourselves to achieve our goals. Some of these goals are physical goals such as learning to walk with our walkers and some goals are fine motor skills like learning to eat with a spoon. These skills will help us develop and grow at Elleray and beyond. 


Some lessons we do regularly in our class is Attention Autism, Write Dance, MATP, sensory stories, atmospherics and Tacpac sessions. We build long lasting friendships through these sessions and through the experiences that we have.


We follow the thematic approach used across school and our focus in Autumn term is Traditional Tales. 







Summer term 2020:


  In Summer term we have been focusing on the great outdoors and the seaside. We have explored a range of literacies such as 'The Gruffalo', 'Commotion in the Ocean' and 'Veg Patch Party'. We have linked the literacy of the week into our music, art and a wide variety of other sessions. The children have really enjoyed the sensory experiences and exploration we have been able to have this term through visiting parks, using sand and water in the tuff tray and playing on our bouncy castle. 


 The children enjoyed making Gruffalo crumble on The Gruffalo week and loved mixing and tasting the ingredients. The children also had lots of fun playing in The Gruffalo themed tuff tray whilst practicing sitting on class chairs. 




 We participated in art week the first week of Summer term and had lots of fun exploring a different piece of art by Lucy Pittaway each day. We linked the art with shapes for numeracy and our work around colours by looking at rainbows. We improved our fine motor and art tool skills using dabbers, glue sticks and paintbrushes to help complete our work. We shared our art with the rest of the school in the main hall and enjoyed looking at everyone else's artwork too. 



 We have been continuing with our MATP program and doing a range of activities to get us moving. We love bowling and do this as a class nearly every week. We have UV bowling now that we can use in the lightroom. We have been doing lots of moving and using P.E equipment to improve our motor skills. Musical instruments are also great to get our bodies moving. We have music lessons regularly to get us to shake bells and shakers, bang the drum and dance to the music!


Autumn term:


We focused on the Jungle and made our own clouds, made an enormous crocodile and made rainmakers which we shared with our friends. We shared some engaging sensory stories together such as 'Walking through the Jungle' and learnt lots of Makaton signs to use alongside the story. 


In the Winter theme we focuses on Narnia and had lots of fun along the way. Our teacher dressed up as all the characters! We also read The Grinch and did some Grinch themed art and design. We learnt about winter clothing too and played lots of games to help us learn what they look like and tried putting them on ourselves. 





Spring term:


In this term we have been learning about the 1950's and 1960's. Not a lot of us were in school at the beginning of this term due to Covid-19 but we are still having lots of fun at home with our 1950's home packs. We have been making our own guitars, learning what a record looks like and reading 'Pete the Cat: rocking in my school shoes'. We had lots of fun trying on the silly glasses. For 1960's, we had The Beatles day in class where we learnt the Makaton symbols for Yellow submarine and did some yellow submarine art. We even had a giant inflatable submarine to play with in class!


Making 1950's milkshakes


We have been focusing on our mark making this term and have been doing Write Dance in class. This we linked to Space for our 1960's theme making marks that resemble the moon and sun. The Space theme also enabled us to learn about Space vocabulary through multi-sensory stories with different textures, materials and colours.

MATP program:


The MATP program is a motor activity training program for children with PMLD. It makes sports meaningful and gives children an opportunity to try new things and gain physical skills. Some activities include knocking down a tower with a beanbag, pulling cones off a rope and doing a barefoot walk. We collect points on our individual Special Olympics chart. 





MOVE program:


The MOVE program helps us to develop our physical skills and can make a real difference to our lives. Some examples of things we will do on this program is sit on a box to do independent activities and walk in our walkers as shown below. 



Write Dance: 


Write Dance is another program we use in class which encourages us to develop our early mark making skills. It includes lots of music and dancing which helps us to feel calm and confident in what we are doing. We have been dabbing with a sponge, drawing circles with chalk and using rollers with paint. 





We love our swimming sessions in the school pool. We have lots of fun splashing about and have some sensory toys we take with us to improve our tracking skills and motor skills. 

Life Skills:


We work on our life skills all the time in Yellow class such as self feeding and drinking.