Park School


Class teacher: Mrs Amy Jones

We are Yellow class. A class of seven children. Our class teacher is Amy Jones. Our teaching assistants are Karen, Laura and Debbie.


We follow a pre-formal curriculum which is done in a multi-sensory way. We hope you enjoy reading and seeing what we have been up to so far this year!

Autumn term


Space theme


We have been learning about space this term and exploring it in a sensory way. We explored UFO jelly! On a trip we also visited the planetarium to understand what stars and planets look like. 


Our MOVE skills


MOVE is a big part of our day. To sit up independently, to stand and walk are important skills we work on and maintain if we are able to. We are proud of ourselves when we do these things and we get lots of encouragement to do them. 



Children in need


We used a range of skills to create some children in need art such as tolerating holding a dabber, visual skills and hand/eye co-ordination. 




Outdoor learning


This term we have been exploring the world outside the classroom to work on our engagement skills such as exploration and realisation.


We visited a local farm to feed sheep and the children used their vision skills to look at the animals around the farm and be supported to put the feed down the feeding pipe.  



We visited SPACE centre and worked on our switch skills and vision skills whilst we were there whilst having lots of fun especially as the bathroom DJ!







We love Christmas time in Yellow class because there is so many sensory experiences to have! We visited a local garden centre to use our vision skills and look at all the lovely Christmas decorations. 



We visited the giant Christmas tree on the Cheshire Oaks and this was amazing with so much to look at! We used our vision skills to look up and all around us!




We did some sensory stories in class which were great fun! We learnt about an Elf who tried to ruin Christmas and we explored some of the things he did such as rip up all the toilet roll! 


Spring term


We have been very busy this term enjoying a wide range of school trips and gardening in our outdoor space.


We have put some pansies and viola into pots in our outdoor space and we enjoyed helping to plant them and looking at the pretty flowers. 


We went bike riding in Birkenhead park which was a great experience which many of us had not experienced before. 



We visited LUSH Liverpool for a party which involved lots of sensory fun with water, scented soaps and massage. 




In class we have been using our equipment to stand and stretch our muscles. Sitting up with as little support as possible is also very important for us for our independence. 




We have had a lovely spring term and are looking forward to the summer now!