Park School


Welcome to Red Class!


Red Class is made up of 7 children (5 boys and 2 girls). Nicola is our teacher and we have an amazing team of Helen, Aiesha and Jess to help us with our learning.


We follow a pre-formal curriculum and follow the Engagement Model, which focuses on us developing our skills of EXPLORATION, REALISATION, ANTICIPATION, PERSISTENCE and INITIATION.  We practice this through a range of multi-sensory and play based learning activities, which we often repeat in order to develop familiarity.


Our curriculum is individualised according to each of the children's needs and follows a range of group sessions, such as Attention Autism, Sensory Story and Sensology, and individual adult led activities.

Enjoy looking at all the exciting things we get up to!

Autumn Term


We have had a fantastic start to the year in Red Class, were we have enjoyed getting familiar with our class routines and school life. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and discovering our new environment.


This term our topic is 'UNDER THE SEA'. We have been reading a different sensory story every two weeks related to the theme. So far we have read 'There's a Shark in the Park', 'The Rainbow Fish', 'The Fidgety Fish' and 'We're Going on a Shark Hunt'. We have been focusing on these stories in a range of lessons, such as Sensology, Art, Cookery, Music, Numeracy and Sensory Play.


We have also learnt about various celebrations such as Divali, Halloween, Bonfire Night and soon to be Christmas!