Park School

What Learning Looks Like in Gold Class

Gold Class follow Key Stage 2 curriculum Topics (either termly topics of half-termly topics) which are designed to  be fun, engaging, practical and meaningful and matched to pupil learning and developmental needs. 


 All pupils have regular access to sensory breaks and have a variety of strategies to use for self regulation. All pupils work on communication skills building on functional communication in all environments. 


We start each day with a pupil led 'Good Morning' then we complete our daily exercises which are followed by breathing and relaxation techniques. This helps us get ready to learn and take part in our group work sessions. 


We use Attention Autism daily but in Gold Class it is known as the 'Mystery Box' and we have worked our way up to stages 1-4. These sessions aim to develop natural and spontaneous communication through the use of visually based and highly motivating activities. Sessions can be linked to any curriculum subject area. 


Through these sessions we: 

- develop our listening and attention skills

- improve joint attention and shared enjoyment in group activities

- turn take and shift attention 

- encourage spontaneous interaction in a natural group setting

- increase non-verbal and verbal communication

- build independence skills

- follow instructions 

- have fun!


In Gold Class we start each day with basic skills sessions which focus on things such as scissor skills, counting and number work, writing skills and phonics. We then complete our daily jobs before nominating a pupil to lead our morning routine. Morning routine in gold class involves saying good morning, listening and copying drum beats then completing a short daily exercise routine followed by a breathing and/or mindfulness activity to start our day.