Park School

What Learning Looks Like in Gold Class

Gold Class follow a wide range of exciting curriculum Topics which are designed to  be fun, engaging, practical and meaningful and matched to pupil learning and developmental needs. 


 All pupils have regular access to sensory breaks and have a variety of strategies to use for self regulation. All pupils work on communication skills and building on functional communication in all environments. 


We start each day with morning starters which involves practising our handwriting and reading our Bug Club books, then we move onto some 'Funky Fingers' activities to work on our fine motor skills, including cutting and sticking, working with play-dough, threading and making models.  This is followed by 'Hello' in which we have a daily chat to encourage conversational skills and a time to talk about how we are feeling at the start of the day.  And after a movement break we do some simple phonics, writing or number activities to get our brains thinking before snack and playtime. 


After playtime we move onto Mystery Box which is a fantastic way to help develop the children's attention and focus skills and then on to Maths or Literacy sessions.


Lunchtime is a great opportunity for the class to work on their social interaction skills and taking responsibility through little jobs, helping each other with drinks and cutlery.  Followed by a lovely outdoor playtime!


The afternoons consist of a class story and then a wide range of sessions including Science, Art, Cookery, Outdoor Learning, and Topic sessions.  We also have regular play-skills sessions supporting the children to share, take-turns and play happily together.